Brighton Bohemian Silk Dress; Cinnabar


A striking maxi dress with three tiered skirt, and generously cut bishop sleeves gathered into a narrow band. Can be worn loose, or gathered and bloused at the waist with the long tasselled rouleau drawstring. 

Delicate semi-sheer silk georgette in rich dusk tones of cinnamon, pumpkin and olive on a black ground. Created from a carefully selected vintage silk saree. Fully lined in chestnut silk habutai.

For colour reference, the image with the Brighton Bohemian label is taken outside in daylight, so is a good representation of the actual colour. 

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Sizing As the fit of all these dresses is meant to be loose and fluid it provides a fair bit of flexibility on sizing.

I have designated this a small/medium size. It is graded to a UK size 10. The raglan shoulders and generous sleeves mean that it could work very well for the UK size range 8 to 14.  
Shown on a size 12 mannequin and a 12/14 human.

I have given the actual garment measurements below so it is very important you ascertain for yourself how it will work with your own measurements. Remember to double these figures to give maximum circumferences, and that these pieces are meant to be loose fitting, so allow a generous amount of room over your particular body measurements

Underarm to underarm, laid flat; 49cms/ 19"  

Waist, laid flat; 49cms/ 19"

Nape to hem loose; 140cms /55"

Waist to hem (with waist gathered in); 100cms/ 39"

Dress length options;    In order to accomodate people of varying heights I have created the pieces long. It is not a straightforward  shortening job to alter the length as we don't want to lose those beautiful hem borders....but I have used a tiered construction so that the dress can be shortened by taking out the excess length at the top tier. I am offering the option of doing this here at the studio for a flat £20 fee, but please be aware that if you choose this option I cannot accept returns. If you would like me to do this then please let me know how much length you want me to take out in the notes area at checkout.

 Construction The dress has a lining of fine silk habutai for extra body. 

As with all of the Brighton Bohemian pieces, the quality of the finish is paramount, with French and bound seams throughout (no overlocking) to ensure both a comfortable wear and a long life.

Each of these pieces is created from a vintage 100% silk saree. The design is very considered, with the cut engineered to make the best use of the various areas of beautiful printed design on the saree.  I will spend some hours before cutting trying out different pattern layouts to ensure the most pleasing finished effect. 

Care; Whilst it is OK to dry-clean these dresses I would always urge a gentle hand wash instead where possible. Much better for the environment and your pocket! Remember that this is how these sarees would largely have been cleaned in their previous life anyway.

Gently agitate your silk dress in a bowl of warm (not hot) water with liquid handwash detergent for delicates. I usually leave mine for 10 minutes or so before rinsing in warm water. Don't bother using a fabric softener, these just build up as a dulling residue on the silk fibres and are unnecessary. 

Gently press out excess water (don't wring) and then hang up on a padded hanger to drip dry...either outside or over the bath. They really don't take long to dry.

A press with a warm iron on the silk setting will bring your dress up beautifully.

The ingredients Please be aware that these unique pieces are created from vintage textiles, which have had a previous life, so consequently there may be the odd very minor smudge or tiny catch to the surface of the fabric. These in no way impinge on their beauty, and you can be sure that they do not compromise the integrity of the material. Any little area of actual damage or thinning is repaired with a tiny embroidered patch (one of my favourite features!), and this is always clearly mentioned in the description.  

Giving Back For each piece sold, £20 is donated to the World Food Programme’s Afghanistan Appeal

Sustainability Every time a Brighton Bohemian piece is purchased a donation is made via Ecologi to fund the planting of 15 trees and make a positive net contribution to combatting climate change. The trees are environmentally high value and part of gold standard schemes designed and managed to benefit local communities.

Packaging Dresses are dispatched in acid free tissue paper and recyclable cardboard boxes sealed with kraft paper eco tape. These are placed inside pouches for weather protection during transit which are made entirely from an environmentally friendly compostable bio-plastic created from sugar-cane.