All of the promenaders or loungers in the Signature Collection are created from antique textiles, making each pair unique. We are  working with small pieces of original fabric dating back from 100 to over 300 years....sometimes only large enough to create a single pair of heirloom shoes. 

However, more usually there will be enough to create 2-4 pairs from the same piece, but very rarely will these be identical as we would generally be using different parts of the printed or woven design. Even when we are using a piece of plain fabric, for example some 19th C silk velvet, we would use different antique embellishments to avoid exact replication. This way you can be sure that when you are buying or ordering from the Signature Collection you will  receive a unique piece of wearable art.

It also of course means that we cannot replicate exactly an existing design. For this reason we do offer a 'custom' order service, where we create a pair specifically for you in your size based on existing Signature styles you like (a minimum 8 week lead time is required). Sometimes it may be possible to use the same fabric if we still have a little left, but we can't guarantee that.

If you have seen something in the Signature Collection that you love but it is not in your size, or you prefer the promenader to the lounger style (or vice versa) then the best way to order something as close as possible to it is to get in touch straight away so we can check if we still have the same fabric in our archive. 

I also try and send out notifications of fabrics that will be available soon via the Pavilion Parade Instagram page (you can sign up to the automatic post notifications on the IG page to ensure you see all new posts) ....again, if anything catches your eye then best to let us know so we can reserve enough for you. Anything that is not reserved in advance is made up for stock, but of course it may not be in your size. 

Just to manage expectations, please be aware that a custom order is an order for a design in your size using a selected base textile that you have approval of, but whilst I will take your preferences for type of embellishment into account (eg fringes, tassels, bows etc), it is not possible for you to micro-manage every aspect of the design and you will need to trust our experience and creative judgement in order to get the best out of the experience. 

I know it is difficult sometimes to know whether you will love a specific fabric once it is made up, so for this reason I do offer an exchange guarantee so that if once your shoes arrive you find they are not for you, then you can exchange unworn for another stock pair or have another pair made (bearing in mind the 8 week lead time). We do not offer a cash refund on custom orders.