Wearable Art For Bohemian Feet

Haute bohemian embellished footwear for lounging and promenading... a unique collaboration between English atelier Joanne Fleming Design and South African shoe design label Coast & Koi

The Signature Collection features antique fabrics and passementerie collected from across Europe by Joanne, constructed in Cape Town, and finished in the Brighton studio. Each pair is a one-off combination of heritage textiles and embellishments.

The Recherché Collection features made-to-order limited edition shoes constructed from the finest couture silks and laces with hand embroidered and beaded embellishments applied in the Joanne Fleming Design studio.

'Shoes made for wandering through Venetian Squares...'

Natasha on her crimson fringed loungers from the Signature Collection

'I happened upon these gorgeous shoes earlier this week on Instagram, and found myself in a real quandary - how to chose? I settled on the fail safe option and bought 2 pairs. They arrived speedily in boxes that were so sophisticated I held off opening them for an hour (well 10 minutes maybe, felt like an hour) and then they were/ are just even more wonderful than in the photographs. AND comfortable, instantly immediately comfortable. I think they are the closest I will ever get to owning a pair of Georgian/ 18thC shoes...'

'Blown away...'

Liz on her Baudelaire silk velvet promenaders from the Signature Collection

'I love every design & the difficult part is making a choice. I love the names. I love the fabrics. As a starter I bought these. They arrived on time & are absolutely sensational...'

'My custom order promenaders...'

Liz on her custom early 1800s printed indienne promenaders

This is my second pair & I'm sure, not my last. They are a thrill to look at let alone to be out & about promenading in. I love the way the antiques fabrics & trimmings have been brought together in a wonderful balance of pattern & texture. Thankyou to all involved.

Who made my shoes?

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What's coming up?

Get a preview of what we have planned for our next selection of unique pieces for the Signature Collection...