Wearable Art For Bohemian Feet

Haute bohemian embellished footwear for lounging and promenading... a unique collaboration between English atelier Joanne Fleming Design and South African shoe design label Coast & Koi

The Signature Collection features antique fabrics and passementerie collected from across Europe and beyond by Joanne, constructed in Cape Town, and finished in the Brighton studio. Each pair is a one-off combination of heritage textiles and embellishments.

The Recherché Collection features made-to-order limited edition shoes constructed from the finest couture silks and laces with hand embroidered and beaded embellishments applied in the Pavilion Parade studio.

The Brighton Bohemian Collection is a newly introduced selection of one-off silk dresses designed by Joanne and created in the Brighton studio from vintage silks.


Jessica from Rhode Island on her custom promenaders created from a fragment of original 1920s Erté silk

This is my second pair and I love them. They were custom made and Joanne worked with me to come up with the perfect trims. I’m already plotting my next pair!

'The most beautiful dress'

Shiloh on her Brighton Bohemian silk dress

Truly a work of art! The dress arrived very quickly and was gorgeously wrapped. The craftsmanship is amazing and it's even more beautiful in person. I'm so pleased with my dress and definitely plan to order more

'I am over the moon!'

Sabine on her Mitsou and Zouave promenaders from the Signature Collection

I ordered two pairs of shoes which arrived safely in Germany. They met my expectations fully and they fit perfectly.
I love these extraordinary shoes, the look is outstanding and something really extraordinary!
I am looking forward to further new arrivals!...

‘The most magnificent shoes of all time!’

Tara on her custom antique French siamoise loungers

I’ve long dreamt of shoes like these.... I had found the holy grail of custom shoes with the most incredibly spectacular trimmings and fabrics. Once I received my shoes they were beyond my expectations. They are so beautifully and meticulously made. The fit is heaven, they feel like they are...well, made for me 😉 and the shape of the shoe is simply- art, it’s pure art in shoe design.... mine have already been out and about town with compliments wherever I go. I can’t wait for my next pair! ❤️

Who made my shoes?

Come and meet the makers and find out a little more about how the Pavilion Parade collections came about...

What's coming up?

Get a preview of what we have planned for our next selection of unique pieces for the Signature Collection...