Bernini Paraders


Created from a very old circa 1800 Italian silk and linen alto relevo brocade in a rich rust colour, featuring a baroque stylised foliage design.

This antique textile wears its age lightly with the colour still strong and unfaded, but it does bear some patination which manifests as some darker patches here and there where the coloured fine silk has rubbed slightly to reveal the still strong linen weave beneath. It also has some strengthening stitching on the toe of the right shoe.  It has been cleaned prior to making up, and stabilised and mounted on a strong backing as usual, so these 'proofs of life' as I like to call them should not be considered detrimental to the overall effect, but rather an enhancement. If you love antique textiles then these will suit you perfectly.

Such venerable silk deserves an embellishment of equal faded opulence so we have used a 17th century Italian tassel fringe and a timeworn 19th century French passementerie braid. 

Formed on our exclusive extended square-toe lasts, these beauties extend several cms beyond the natural toe line, creating an elegant elongated effect.

The fabric is mounted on a soft suede inner lining. Sole and 1cm block heel are man-made.


The ingredients Please be aware that these shoes are created from antique textiles, which have often had a previous life extending back centuries, so consequently there may be the odd minor smudge or tiny pin prick to the surface of the fabric. These in  no way impinge on their beauty, and you can be sure that they do not compromise the integrity of the material. Any little area of actual damage or thinning is repaired with a tiny embroidered patch (one of my favourite features!), and this is always clearly mentioned in the description.  

The textile has been treated with an eco-friendly stain guard, based on nano-technology, (and containing absolutely none of those hideous PFOAs that have been slowly poisoning the environment over the last 70 years) which will help to protect the surface of the cotton, but it should be noted that these antique materials need to be respected and treated with care...remove before jumping in puddles please! If they are looked after then there is no reason they won't last for another hundred years.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read both our shipping and refund policy pages before placing an order (links to both at foot of page). By placing an order you are indicating you have read and accepted these terms.

Love these shoes but they are sadly not your size? Whilst no two pairs are ever  identical, it is often possible to create something with a similar look in your size....please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this option...

Vegan options? Yes we can substitute the leather lining for a vegan friendly alternative, and can also ensure that vintage cotton and linen passementerie and ribbon are used rather than the antique silk fringes. Just get in touch to discuss further... 

Sustainability Every time a pair of shoes is purchased a donation is made via Ecologi to both offset the carbon involved in production and shipping and make a positive net contribution to combating climate change....that's 10 trees planted per order.

Packaging Each pair of shoes is nestled in a high quality presentation box made from 92% recycled materials which can be wholly recycled at end of life (once ribbon and magnetic closure have been removed and recycled separately). Essential as recycling is, it is not carbon neutral, so I wanted the boxes to have as long an after-life as possible. The sturdy construction and minimal branding make them really attractive keepsake and storage boxes that hopefully will prove useful for many years to come. The lid is handstamped with our beautiful calligraphy logo, and zig-zag shred (made from non-coated recyclable bio-degradable paper) is used for the protective padding.

Putting our best foot forward For every pair of Promenaders or Loungers purchased, a donation of £10 is made to UK based charity Shoe Aid who work to provide decent footwear for children and adults in need.